Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting down to business

My motor home is parked in the yard of my brother-in -law in the prairie of southern Minnesota. All one can see is an ocean of corn and soybeans. This is more calming to the eye than stimulating. Thus it is great for musing, meditating and writing. On this farm there are beautiful sleek Arabian-looking horses, some farm cats of assorted sizes and colors and two large lumpy dogs. I have complete the scrapbook of this past years travels. I am starting tomorrow to illustrate a book for my daughter who is a writer. This particular book is a children's picture book.
Larry is busy getting me book signing gigs in this area for 'Up In Smoke".


  1. This is Larry aka Boomer.

    We didn't know what we were doing (and still don't) This should be on Susan's site but we forgot and set it up on mine. I still need to comment on Susan's posts so I will identify myself when posting. We are finally figuring out some of the hurdles you face when publishing a book. If we can just find someone who knows how to market children's books

  2. Susan, things are changing fast around here. All those luscious greens from a Wet, Hot year are starting to change to the yellows, reds and browns of Autumn. Every season and every location has a beauty all its own.
    I am not looking forward to winter, but with Larry's help (and your Patients)things will be nice and cozy here when the ground turns white and the prairie winds begin to blow. We have accomplished quite a bit since you were here. With Mona's help, we got a lot of the little chores that have slipped by us, done at last. Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow. Have a safe flight!


    Check out this link on Facebook (if you're a FB user). I hear that they match authors with schools and libraries where they can talk about what they do. I've heard this is a great way to promote children's books.
    Here are a couple other blogs by children's writers to check out if you haven't already:

    Here is a helpful agent's blog. She might be able to tell you where to find info on marketing children's books.